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Do PCB chip level


Do PCB chip level

 In recent years, the PCB industry obviously felt the pressure on environmental protection : the Ministry of environmental protection, this year's " printed circuit industry clean production standards " formally implemented, then more stringent " electronic component pollutants emission standard " forthcoming, the implementation of COD many of the local environmental protection bureau ( chemical oxygen demand ) emission quotas will be scrapped, PCB classified as hazardous waste, water supply is limited and so on. Future, according to the forecast of China Printed Circuit Industry Association, PCB will become difficult to expand production capacity, the existing enterprises will face more challenges " green ".

  PCB green production challenges mainly come from two aspects: one is the global regulations and requirements from customers, for example, in line with the RoHS directive, PFOS directive, halogen-free products such as China; two is the local environmental protection department requirements, such as the waste water containing copper, COD, unit PCB water consumption, waste management.

  For the first kind of green production challenges, as from the European environmental protection model for state enterprises in Austria, Otis has a very normative experience, the company's EHS ( EHS ) department records thousands of customer requirements, the company will be in strict accordance with the requirements for procurement, production, inspection and other aspects of the " no hazardous substance" monitoring. In the purchase link, the company site with the download area, we require the suppliers to read and complete the company " management of hazardous substances requirements ", fill in " material safety data sheet ", which contains more than ten kinds of thousands of substances list, the supplier needs to take the initiative to declare the raw material in the " forbidden" and " control" material. This step is done later, the supplier must also issued the " environmental material declaration ", and to provide the third party test report. In the detection stage, Otis has Analysis Laboratory of top three worlds, and the establishment of harmful substances inside the detection process specification, we strictly check each batch of raw materials and finished products, to ensure that all products are in line with the requirements of the EU RoHS directive and the customer. Recently, the group has just completed the full automation of the supplier evaluation system based on the SAP system, EHS will serve as a key index in the evaluation.

  For the second from the green production challenge, Otis has a very good foundation, build factories in China at the beginning, our starting point is very high, in full accordance with Europe factory standards, environmental protection investment so far has been more than 200000000 yuan, biochemical filter, gas power generation, double layer of exterior wall thermal insulation equipment technology represents the direction of the most advanced environmental protection and energy saving. So, in the face of increasingly strict environmental protection of China local standards, we did not feel the pressure, but fortunately the right decision at.

  At present, Otis ( China ) internal control indicators of wastewater of copper and nickel, COD and other environmental protection than the city of Shanghai high 1 times, water consumption per PCB standard and other " hard " accord with the environmental protection department of the " printed circuit industry clean production standards ". For waste management, in strict accordance with the process is the way we work. The first step is classification, need qualitative for all waste, determine the processing method of each class, the new generation of waste must apply, into the company " list of waste "; the second step is the internal transport, detailed provisions of the various waste in the delivery line plant and method, to avoid any improper operation occurs; the third step is released, into the classification of storage area, waste factory must fill out the " external processing application form " and " waste transfer report ", after EHS approval and administrative measure before, the entire process by the document control. Complete the "waste monthly statistical report " finally, the relative amount of waste generated by monitoring, and management review.

  To deal with the green challenge requirements, hardware is very important of course, currently adopted by Oates are the industry's most advanced equipment, the supplier involvement, maintenance of all equipment system, to ensure that these expensive machines can play the most major for the enterprise. In addition, process specification is also very important, Otis in the production line, each parts, each label, every operation, there are detailed written specification file and 5S program. We think, green products not only from the green raw material, should also include green working environment, walk in the bright and clean production line & S, above is advanced central air circulation system, dust collecting system, all chemicals and wastewater through closed pipelines from ground floor chemicals warehouse pumping, almost no smell pungent smell; and at the foot of the imported epoxy floor not only beautiful appearance, but also has the effect of anti corrosion leakage. So the customer will & s evaluation for " PCB factory chip level ".