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How to read PCB electroplating Holzer cell test piece


How to read PCB electroplating Holzer cell test piece

   Holzer cell test, is a lot of electroplating factory technical personnel to a method of determining whether the normal bath solution, from the specimen can reflect many problems; the general test piece from the time, pH value, current, high, low, Central District, the upper and lower back, black, black belt level area belt, double belt, virtual plating area analysis.

1, time: the time for 5 minutes;

2, the pH value and the same: bath;

3, the current of one ampere:

4, high: if the specimen appeared high burning, that the main salt components is low; if high fogging, illustrate the brightening agent ( the main agent ) too much; high striped, the metal impurities;

5, central: if the specimen central is not bright, and there are boundaries bright and not bright area, so the conductive salt or brightener is insufficient, can check;

6, low area: if the specimen of low area appears dark dark, there are several reasons : one is the conducting salt, two is the brightener, three metal impurities;

The high 7, abaxially: high bright area width that take place is better, if the bright area of less than 1 cm, that place is not good, brightening agent and conductive salt and low;

8, on the back of the lower zone: on the back of the lower zone without coating, the lead too many impurities or conductive salt and brightener, investigation;

9, black belt: These are at the back of the test piece, a solitary type black belt, but not always. When organic matter is excessive, Black Belt will appear, and brightening agent and softening agent out of proportion, softening agent; on the back of the line with the more light the better;

10, liquid black: if there is a black line and surface parallel to the specimen ( in front), illustrate the brightener excess;

11, double take: if appears in the specimen of the two solitary type black belt, so the conductive salt seriously insufficient, excessive organic matter;

12, the virtual plating area: appears in the test piece, in solitary type black belt; light after passivation coating that virtual disappeared, no content of bath components, main salt components and low conductive salt is too high, excessive brightener;

13, do the Holzer cell test, different sample time, pH value, current the phenomenon is different.

Holzer groove conditions should be:

Time: 5 minutes;

Current : 1 amps;

The pH value and trough bath, do and trough near Bath performance conditions.